--October, 2014 --
unkin and Sweetie were adopted to Janette Michaels of Lawrence, KS.

--August, 2014 --
unkin and Sweets in their sleek summer coats panhandling for apples.
Panhandling for apples
--March, 2014 --
arly March, 2014 - the girls at the barn.
The girls at the barn, early March, 2014

Not quite spring, 2013...

hese two mares call Green Thumb Farm their home:
Flying Diamond Butterfly Kiss Alra Beauty's Sweet Surprise
(Punkin) (Sweetie)
Punkin's pedigree. Sweetie's pedigree.

We support Animals' Angels work to investigate and alleviate the suffering of horses being transported for slaughter.

Animals' Angels Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Maryland with a team of investigators working nationwide.  Our mission is to improve conditions for farm animals.  We work primarily in the field, inspecting livestock trucks on highways, visiting markets, collecting stations and slaughter plants.

A Message from Neil and Linda at Green Thumb for 2011

e strongly urge all of you who love equines to help with the current crisis in over-breeding by considering action in one or more of these ways:
  • Cease and desist any and all breeding until the current and ongoing over-population in the horse world has eased up.  This is one area in which we have elected to participate.
  • Adopt a rescue equine if you are able and have a working knowledge of horses.  Or support your local rescues.  You can contact the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries for more information on where reputable establishments are located in your area.  (Their website appears to be down, but they are on Facebook.)
  • Educate yourself concerning several key contemporary issues impacting equines — horse slaughter and the zeroing out of our historic mustang herds in this country:

    • Horse Slaughter 101, or what you need to know:
    • The flesh of equines is most often highly contaminated by a toxic soup of chemicals regularly given to domestic and now even wild horses.  This above and beyond the burden of environmental toxins.
    • Slaughter is NOT a humane process.  NOT ONE STEP.  There are any number of sites that provide hidden camera documentary footage of the horrendous journey from start to finish but the details are also well documented in print and readily available online or otherwise.  Shark Online has posted such a video and I warn you, it is not for the faint of heart or for anyone with any heart for that matter.  Additional information is available at The Humane Society or Habitat for Horses.
      Mustangs 101 or what you need to know:
    • Our historic mustang herds are now rounded up by helicopter by the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).  These injury and trauma producing round ups remove the horses from federally designated and allotted lands where they had been living healthfully, happily and in balance with the natural surroundings and predators for hundreds of years.
    • As of this posting in December of 2010, almost 15,000 wild horses and burros have been rounded up, many languishing in BLM holding pens with a minimum of shelter and a drastically reduced quality of life.  Family, the core of mustang life has been torn asunder by these round ups and reduced to rubble.  These ill-conceived, publicly scorned and viscous round ups have been conducted allowing almost NO independent observer scrutiny.
    • The reason for these round ups is obviously not the health and well being of the animals.  We submit that it is about cattle grazing rights, mineral exploration and extraction and the hope that horse slaughter proponents will be able to send these animals to slaughter and make a buck.  Over 24 million acres have been taken away from wild horses and burros in the last 40 years.  Your tax dollars are funding these round ups and subsequent confinement facilities to the tune of millions and millions of dollars spent and currently being requested.
    • What you can do: write your reps, the BLM, President Obama and your local media.  Throw a light on the situation.  More information is available at The Cloud Foundation or Wild Horse Preservation or Equine Welfare Alliance and Wild Mustang Coalition.
Lastly, do your homework and formulate your own opinion.  Carefully consider who gains.

Linda and Neil
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