eil's honey bees produce a caramel colored wildflower honey that is mild and delicious.  He uses absolutely no pesticides or chemicals on the hives or bees.  And, does no filtering or heating during the extraction process.  It is the best (we're slightly biased) honey you can buy! 
Please email or call 417-276-4252 for pricing and availability.

-- January 2018 --

quipment lining up for 2018.  Please email or call 417-276-4252 for more info.

Equipment for 2018

-- January 2017 --

eil is selling bees and equipment again this spring.
•   4 frame Italian nucs in your equipment $160.
•   Or in a single deep 10 frame hive body with internal feeder $260.
Pick up the end of April.
Supplying quality and productive bees to the area for over 10 years. Please email or call 417-276-4252 for more info.

10 frame hive body    10 frame hive body

-- August 2016 --

omb honey sections are also available this year. Straight from the hive to you. These comb honey sections are a nice gourmet treat especially good on hot muffins or biscuits. Call or email for more info.

Comb Honey

-- April 2016 --
tockton had its first Earth Day this year.  (Click for Facebook link.)  Neil is the president of the local bee group, the Stockton Busy Bee Club which you see several members of, below, at the Earth Day event/booth.  The observation hive was constructed and displayed by Neil.

Earth Day 2016

-- January 2016 --
pring 2016 honey bee and equipment orders happening now!
4 frame Italian Nucs $150 in your equipment.  (Equipment also available from us.)  These are the mortgage lifter bees.
They can produce some surplus the first year.  Pick up in Springfield or Stockton near the end of April.
Email or call for more information:
grnthumb@windstream.net or 417-276-4252

ee tree collected New Year's Day with two 8 frame supers on top.

stump hive

-- Mid April 2015 --
eil working in the bee barn pre bee pick up in a week or less. He churns out a lot of equipment.

-- Late March 2015 --
ere's Neil with a paintbrush, and a serious caught-in-the-act look on his face - what's he up to? mouse over the image for more information.

-- 2015 Spring Bee News --
his year we will have nucleus hives for sale.  They will be ready about the 3rd week of April.  The pick up will be near Springfield, Missouri.  Please call for more information.  417-276-4252.

-- March 2014 --
e are currently totally sold out of packages for spring 2014 but will have queens and equipment ongoing.  Here is one of Green Thumb Farm's bee yards, near the house, early March 2014.

Bee yard near house, early March 2014

-- November 2013 --
will start taking orders for package bees January 1st, 2014. You may email us or call us at 417-276-4252.  Last year we sold out before the end of February.
Order packages starting 1/1/14

-- November 2012 --
e will begin taking orders for packages, nucs and hives beginning January 1st, 2013.  And a reminder: we're typically sold out by March 1st.

-- April 2012 --
ere's a few photos from the April 2012 yearly spring package bee pickup at Race Brothers Farm Store in Springfield, MO.  As I remember it was 300 packages, 200 of which we distributed there, the remainder hived here and picked up on the farm a week to two later.


-- June 2011 --
eil, with the assistance of WWOOF volunteer Luis, have already harvested some 2011 season honey.  The honey, so far, is darker than the 2010 extraction.

-- June 2010 --
WWOOF volunteer by the name of John Iacona helped Neil with honey extracting in late June.  You can tell it was hot.  Most of our days this summer after about noon have been in the 100's with the heat index.  REALLY hot.  John stayed a few days and worked the bees (first time for bee keeping) and the gardens, and was a great help and good company.

-- 2009 --

elting the caps off the honey before being put in the extractor.  Neil's extractor is a manually controlled (hand crank), high quality extractor, that will handle 18 medium frames, or 9 deep frames at a time.

aking bee boxes - for Neil's hives, and for sale.

ome of Neil's prodigiously producing hives.  Do you need equipment, or want to start your own hive? (Mother Nature would be so pleased with you!)  Please contact Neil for Spring 2010 nuc, complete hive, queen and equipment prices.

he Bee Truck.  Used for bees, honey, frames, equipment; just about anything having to do with getting things to and from Green Thumb Farm.

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