-- March 2019 --
his is our 14 year old chocolate Siamese elder with our new Chihuahua pup, Atticus Finch.  Nothing like a puppy to bring cheer to a winter home.  (Not counting the toilet training.)  Atticus was born January 6 of 2019 and is the second Chihuahua here on the farm.

Atticus and Siamese elder

-- April 2016 --
ere you have our 2 barn brothers who we rescued from the basement of a [expletive delete] old house in Stockton, MO in the summer of 2007.  On the left is Cloud and on the right, his brother Stripey.  Cloud is a big burly gray thick haired joker of a guy who is a bit shy with strangers but absolutely loves his people and his home but ranges widely on our land.  Stripey is a bit more of a homebody and loves an occasional dollop of plain yogurt to go with his organic cat food, both dry and wet.  They both inhabit the barn for the most part with a heating pad, comfy chair in the loft and plenty of mice to keep them intrigued.  They are our good friends and a staple at the barn.  How can it be that they are 8 years old? does time go?

Cloud and Stripey

Here you have Sam our wonderful Golden at 8 years old.  A foster here that we adopted as a pup and also introducing Oliver who joined Sam in the early part of this year here at the farm.  Oliver was born in October of 2015 and is a Libra Chihuahua that is the most charming little guy you could ever hope to meet.  They make a great team.  Oliver is learning that outside is where you do your business and that a leash allows you to go for fun walks.
Sam and Oliver

-- March 2014 --
ur Farm Dogs, Sam the Golden, and Poppy the Papillion, in Early March 2014.
Sam and Poppy, 3/2014

-- November 2012 --
ur Green Thumb Farm would like to draw your attention to The Humane Society in Springfield, Mo.  Linda says there are many very adoptable dogs that she is meeting while volunteering there, that would love their own homes and families.

Also note that we have been taking donations in for a while to C.A.R.E. (Castaway Animal Rescue Effort).  Please check out their store and adoptable pets.
..thank you!

-- July 2011 --
o all: Sal was adopted on July 10th by a couple who has done some rescue.  It felt like a good match; here's hoping.

-- June 2011 --
t the beginning of June 2011, we received a call from a fellow Cause for Paws member and learned that a dog we had fostered for several months in late 2010 was in a local pound on death row and set for euthanasia, and would we take her back for fostering.  We did of course and here she is, sweet Sal.  She has to be one of the kindest most upbeat dogs on the planet.  No clue what happened with her adoptive home but she will not be going back there.  She is currently available for adoption, about a year old, up to date on health care, will be spayed, knows basic commands and walks on a leash.

-- March 2011, Part Deux --
ittle Clyde, who turned out to be a Dachshund, was adopted by two young fellas on March 24th, 2011.  We hope his wonderful good heart and joyful attitude is appreciated for as long as he lives.

-- March 2011 --
lyde was found wandering the streets by a CFP volunteer.  He has been here at the farm for a few days and is a 6-8 week hound of some sort.  Very small and very sweet.  Gets along with everyone.  He is up for adoption and current on health care.

-- January 2011 --

Sally has been adopted ally, our foster since October of 2010, was adopted Saturday, January 29 to a young boy in a farm family.  So we are very happy about that.
She is a very kind and good natured, if high-energy gal.

-- November 2010 --
ally came to us in mid October 2010 for fostering.
refuge from a home that no longer wanted her or her canine cohort, a Great Dane, she was surrendered to the CFP/Stockton pound.  She was very thin, flea and worm ridden as is often the case with these stories.  Fast forward to early November and she is a up to date on all health care, leash and crate trained and doing very nicely.  Come to discover that she has a bright and willing personality and a large dose of sweet gentleness.  She is a Shar Pei/Lab mix about 3-4 months old.  Contact us for further adoption info.

-- May 2010 --
ipsy was one of the dogs we had fed at the pound a few weekends in a row...
...but because of his age, 11 weeks, he needed a foster situation badly.  So, he moved in to our foster kennel on Sunday May 23, 2010 and was adopted on Wednesday of the following week.  Extremely good looking, smart, healthy fun loving and affectionate pup.  In the 3 days time, he already had walking on a leash down.

-- March 2010 --
n March of 2010, during one of the last cold snaps of this nasty winter, a grouping of 5 six week old Rhodesian Ridgeback/Shepherd pups were found abandoned under a bridge near Stockton.  We here at Green Thumb ended up fostering 4 of the 5 puppies.

s with most abandoned animals, they were not in the best of shape.  We used slippery elm and kelp, high quality yogurt, very good commercial dog food and our own organic cooking to move these puppies into a state of well being.  All 5 puppies were subsequently adopted.  They each had unique and wonderful personalities.

he male forward, honest and trusting.  White foot loving and sensitive.  The tiniest female, the most feisty.  The largest female shy and stand offish.  We appreciated and cared for each one and hope they are thriving in their new homes.

-- December 2009 --
epper and Misty were part of a surrendered litter of 5 female Boxer pups.  The girls spent a few weeks in our foster facilities in the greenhouse in early December.  First Misty was adopted and then Pepper.  Both super intelligent dogs, Pepper being the shyer of the two.

-- October 2009 --
n mid October of 2009, we began to foster one of 3 stray Beagles that the group was presented with.  Lucy the Beagle was found to be 'with pup' and on 10⁄25⁄09 she gave birth to one large male pup Snoopy aka Snoop Dog.  Raising Snoops was a real experience.  He was a great little fellow as was his perky mother.  Snoopy was adopted in mid-December and his mother followed shortly thereafter — both to great homes.

-- July 2009 --
ady Shena came to us in late July of 2009.  She had been abandoned on a dead end farm road and a kindly neighbor had taken her in.  He contacted Cause for Paws and I subsequently picked her up from our local vet after her initial vaccinations and look over.  It was determined that she was a Chocolate Lab about a year old.   We proceeded to bathe her and then to transfer her to a diet of Wellness dog food supplemented with herbs, veggies and farm raised meats.  She was spayed and recovered well.  (It took 2 people to get her bath accomplished!)

ady was a very high energy dog with good intelligence, and she learned basic commands quickly.  Due to her high energy, days before her adoption in late August, she was transferred to another foster with a fenced yard which she scaled on day one.

ady was adopted by a law enforcement agency that trains and uses high energy dogs for drug sniffing.  She was a kind hearted loveable dog that we were pleased to support here at Green Thumb.

-- June 2009 --
ittle Anne arrived here at the farm in mid June of 2009.  She was to become the first occupant of our foster kennel.  She had either been abandoned or had been wandering for quite some time as she was desperately thin and was covered by ticks too numerous to count.  She also has a small injury to her head and a cracked and infected tooth.  After radio and newspaper ads failed, she was later listed as available for adoption when she had been rehabilitated.
he was very reluctant to trust at the start and was so dehydrated that we feared she may die that first day.  We began feeding her cooked organic foods and herbs and later added a high quality commercial dog food.  Her vaccinations were widely spaced, and we used a natural flea control product combined with frequent groomings to handle that end of things.  She was spayed after she regained her vitality, and had dental surgery at the same time to remove the bad tooth that had plagued her from the start.  Her area and bedding were kept clean, and she was walked daily with our resident dogs.  She was a super smart, super affectionate, highly intelligent companion and/or working farm canine.  Who knows what her story was but she was happy to occupy the foster kennel, come into the house part of the time, go for walks and rides and begin her small life again.  If only we humans exhibited such fortitude, courage, resiliency and love under dire circumstances, it would be a different world.


ittle Anne was adopted by a Missouri farm family in mid July of 2009.  We receive frequent reports of her many activities.

n late November of 2007, we became the first volunteers to step forward for a newly forming group called Cause for Paws.  Since that time we have helped the group care for, rehabilitate, foster and adopt out abandoned area dogs and a very few cats.

ere at Green Thumb Farm, our role has been to:
  • List all adoptable pets on the major adoption web sites and keep the list accurate and current. Please check out PetFinder, Adopt A Pet and the Springfield Pet Adoption Classifieds site.
  • To foster abandoned young puppies here in our greenhouse during cold weather.

  • To help feed and care for any dogs at the pound.
  • And lastly, to use our foster kennel here at the farm for big dogs when the pound is at over flowing.
ood news at Green Thumb Farm!  (Spring, 2009)  Thanks to Neil, the summer foster kennel is now fully operational.

oth of our dogs, Amber and Samwise Gambee were abandoned pups. Amber on our rural gravel road with her sister almost 10 years ago and Sam in the city of Stockton last February.

nly one of our 5 cats was not an abandoned or rehomed situation.

e strongly urge all animal lovers to adopt an abandoned or unwanted dog or cat rather than a pet store i.e. puppy mill or breeder animal. These mixed breed dogs and cats want and deserve a forever home and are often times much hardier and more tractable than over bred or papered animals. Pet animals are not purses or shoes to be discarded or abandoned when outdated. They are living breathing pieces of the Great Mystery that need training, health care, love and security just like we all do.

e also very strongly urge pet owners to spay and neuter their pets at anywhere from 6 months to a year of age. In that way, you are helping to keep yet more innocents from the jaws of the landfills where they are deposited when there are no homes for them and the bulging shelters run out of room as well.

Do your part to alleviate a troubled situation — adopt an abandoned dog or cat and spay or neuter your pets!

For more information, contact Linda or Neil

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